Aims & Objectives

  1. To develop our Mission and Ministry by working in Mission Units:
    1. Every parish to produce its own Mission Action Plan, and publicise it via the Deanery Page;
    2. To work within Mission Units to compare Parish Mission Action Plans to identify (a) common ground and (b) shared objectives, for Mission and Ministry;
    3. To develop relationships of trust and support that can also be effective in supporting and enhancing Mission and Ministry.
  2. To agree a set of principles that would inform the position of the DMPC concerning clergy staffing
    This should include
    1. The respective parts played in the process by:
    2. A discussion of what consitutes a thriving parish, under the principle: "Thriving parishes should be allowed to continue to thrive"
  3. To focus on Evangelism this year, and Hope for the Poor next.
    while recognising that Stewardship, Setting God's People Free, The Five Guiding Principles, and Growing Younger are also important themes for consideration and action.
  4. To strengthen Parish Participation in the life of the Deanery.
    To strengthen Deanery participation in the life of the Diocese.
    1. Explore the best way to communicate events across the Deanery.
    2. Review the Deanery use of Facebook in May 2019.
    3. Improve communication with Parishes (PCCs) and Diocese:
      • by inviting Speakers to speak at the start of some meetings (to which all are welcome), followed by the business agenda;
      • by encouraging motions for consideration from Parishes;
      • by encouraging feedback from Diocesan and General Synods.
    4. Organise a Deanery Quiet Morning
  5. To share skills and resources more widely across the Deanery
    1. Each parish to identify areas where it can offer support to other parishes (practical skills; hosting a workshop; resources; etc);
    2. Each parish to identify areas where it would like support from other parishes (practical skills; hosting a workshop; resources; etc)
    3. This information (which were questions in the Archdeacon's Articles of Inquiry) to be circulated

Appendix 1: "Thriving Parishes" or "Missional Parishes"?

  1. This question is important, because, as a Deanery, we need to know what a healthy church or parish looks like, to help us in our planning.
  2. "Thriving" (as in 2.2 above) may not be the correct word: it is quite possible for a parish to be faithful in mission (as many are) without appearing to "thrive".
  3. Perhaps we should use the word "Missional" instead, so that the principle underlying the position of the DMPC concerning clergy staffing would be: "Missional Parishes should be allowed to continue to be missional".
  4. In this case, we could use the Five Marks of Mission as signs of such a missional church:
    1. To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom - TELL
    2. To teach, baptise and nurture new believers - TEACH
    3. To respond to human need by loving service - TEND
    4. To transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation - TRANSFORM
    5. To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth - TREASURE
  5. Alternatively, we could use the Church for a Different World Mission Goals (p5):
    • Growing: Growing new disciples in missional church communities which are younger, more diverse, active, and spiritually engaged;
    • Nurturing: Increasing vocations, nurturing new disciples and existing disciples, increasing financial giving;
    • Serving: Present for all, speaking and acting prophetically for justice, supporting pastorally, especially the vulnerable, deprived, and excluded.

Appendix 2: Mission Action Planning: A Guide For Deaneries

This can be found here

Appendix 3: New Format

The new format for the Mission Action Plan, merging this page in with the Guide at Appendix 2, can be found here. This is still to be agreed.