. . . of terms relating to "Fit for Mission", and Pastoral Organisation.

Clergy Allocation

A figure for the projected number of stipendiary posts in a Deanery at a given point, derived from the national allocation of clergy to Dioceses. For Oldham West, the current number of clergy posts is listed below, as well the projected Clergy Allocation:

number of non-discretionary posts timescale
12 current total posts, excluding 1 discretionary post, but including vacancies (as at June 2018)
10 by 2020;
8.5 by 2025.

We still need to clarify whether the clergy allocation includes non-clergy stipendiary posts. Discretionary Post: Incumbent of Holy Trinity, Coldhurst, and St. Steven & All Martyrs, Lower Moor.


This could be used synonymously with Mission Unit. A localized gathering of parishes sharing a common vision, strategy, and resources.

Mission Action Plan

A strategic plan of "aims and objectives" for the parish's mission and ministry agreed by the PCC.

Mission Partnership

An explicitly-formed, but relatively informal, "covenantal" commitment between parishes to collaborate in Mission and Ministry.  A Partnership may be in agreement to allow ministers to cross parish boundaries. A Mission Unit could become a Mission Partnership or Team if appropriate, and if agreed by all parties.

Mission Unit

A subdivision of a Deanery into groups of 3 or more parishes who work towards collaboration in Mission and Ministry.

Team Ministry

A more formal structure where clergy are appointed as Team Rector and Team Vicar(s) to serve across the Team, which would usually consist of a group of parishes. A Team Council takes on agreed, delegated functions from the PCCs.